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I am now offering a variety of add-ons to enhance your experience!



Hot Stone Therapy $10.00

This add-on is generally for your neck and back.  If you are desiring more warmth for your relaxing massage, or if you prefer the heat to make your muscles more malleable for a deeper massage treatment,   This will further enhance the effectiveness of your therapeutic needs.


Mini Thai Foot Ritual $15.00

A wonderful way to add that extra touch to your session! After receiving more attention to your well-deserved feet, I will add an exfoliation with my very own Rosemary Peppermint Scrub, and the soothing warmth of hot towels to your treatment.  Never cheat the feet!


Back Exfoliation $10.00 

Dead skin cells on your back are difficult to reach in the shower.  They can be the source of itchiness and back acne.  A back exfoliation with Epson salt and tea tree oil will promote skin health and is a delightful addition to any treatment  It will leave your skin glowing anew!


Energy Vitality Technique (Chakra Balancing) $45.00 

This chakra balancing technique uses the ancient tones of the Solfeggio Frequencies to balance, bridge, and re-energize the 7 primary chakras.  This form of sound and vibrational healing will be applied through the use of tuning forks and vibrational body tuners.



Online scheduling

***If online scheduling does not permit add-ons after your initial booking, please feel free to either email me your request or let me know before the session begins***














































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